Keep Your Transactions Private With Monero

The cryptocurrency space is full of people looking for a “get rich quick” scheme. As a result, the community is so far removed from crypto’s initial purpose that they openly call for more regulation just to increase adoption. If governments choose to answer these calls, corporate players will feel safe enough to get involved and a few popular coins might shoot up in price thanks to a large influx of new capital.

It’s a brilliant plan, right?

Not quite. It’s just an easy way to sell out to power.

True crypto is like digital cash; a fully anonymous, untraceable way for us to transact. If we allow ourselves to be so blinded by greed that we give up on the original vision, we’ll end up paying for it with what's left of our freedom.

The looming threat of CBDCs, rampant censorship, and government surveillance requires an answer. For me, a key part of that answer is Monero.

Why choose Monero?

A screenshot of Monero's homepage

Monero is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency. It works to keep its users' activity secret, helping them avoid financial censorship or worse.

China is a good example of the “worse” part. This is a country where citizens live in fear, as even small actions like buying the “wrong book” can lead to them being completely excluded from society. If they reach a low enough social credit score, they’ll be out of a job, won’t be able to apply for a mortgage, lose the ability to travel, etc.

Western leaders want us to believe they would never adopt China's system, though they do a terrible job keeping this illusion alive. Our time during and after COVID-19 provided plenty of examples which exposed their attempts to normalize this type of “governance” in the free world.

If you want to remain one step ahead and learn to use an uncensorable currency, follow this guide and create your Monero wallet today.

Creating a Monero wallet

Go to Monero's official site and download the GUI wallet.

Make sure you verify your download by following Monero’s own guide for verification on Windows or Linux before extracting any files.

Once you install and run the wallet program, you will see this menu:

The first step to create a Monero wallet

It’s possible to download the entire Monero blockchain to your computer for maximum privacy using Advanced mode. However, I recommend choosing Simple mode as it’s quicker and easier to set up.

Next grab a pen and paper, then click Create a new wallet.

The second step to create a Monero wallet

The details you’re seeing on your screen are key. This is your mneumonic seed and you have to keep it safe. It is your money. Carefully write all 25 words on the piece of paper you prepared and store it away in case you ever need to restore your wallet.

You should also make a note of the Wallet restore height so you can find your wallet quicker if you ever need to restore it.

The third step to create a Monero wallet

Now generate a passphrase using KeePassXC (or use a 6-sided dice + EFF’s large wordlist) to protect the wallet from others with access to your computer.

The fourth step to create a Monero wallet

Aaaand you’re in! Click the Send or Receive tabs to do just that.

You can copy your address or save the QR code as an image and share it with others!

Note: It’s good practice to create subaddresses for receiving Monero. Each source you have (family, friends, donations, etc.) should be given a unique subaddress to increase your privacy.

The firth step to create a Monero wallet

Acquiring Monero is equally simple thanks to websites like LocalMonero.

Find a trusted seller and pay with cash to remain anonymous. Alternatively, you can use a non-KYC exchange to trade Bitcoin for Monero without having to reveal any sensitive information.

Joining the parallel economy has never been easier!

Food for thought

Monero was built to help people opt out of tyranny. If you want to delve deeper, click the links below:

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